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  1. Runlevels allow the system administrator to automate different system configurations. On a laptop, for example, you may have one runlevel setup to configure the system when it is in a docking station and a different runlevel setup to configure the system when it is mobile. On floppix, 4 runlevels are setup:
  2. The command to determine the current runlevel is: runlevel
    The output will be 2 characters - the previous runlevel (N if there was no previous runlevel) and the current runlevel.
  3. The command to change runlevels is: telinit x
    where x is the new runlevel.


  1. Determine the current runlevel.
  2. Change to runlevel 1.
  3. Shutdown floppix by changing to runlevel 0.
  4. Restart floppix in single user mode ( loadlin linux single )
  5. Now change to multiuser mode which is runlevel 2.

Questions & Answers:

  1. What runlevel is configured for halting the system?
    Answer:  Runlevel 0.
  2. What is single-user mode?
    Answer:  In single-user mode, only the superuser can login. This allows the superuser to perform system maintenance.
  3. What command is used to change to runlevel 1?
    Answer:  telinit 1
  4. Can you choose a runlevel when you start the system?
    Answer:  Yes. On floppix, you can choose to startup in runlevel 1 using the command:
    loadlin linux single or loadlin linux 1

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