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Standard I/O and redirection




  1. Get a directory listing of /home and save the listing in a file called "one" in your own home directory. Use the cat command to make sure that "one" does contain the correct data.
  2. Get a list of everyone currently logged on and save the list in a file called "users "in your own home directory.
  3. Get a list of all of the processes that are running and add this list to the end of the "users" file.

Questions and Answers:

  1. What command will suppress the display of the "permission denied" messages that are displayed when you use the find command?
    Answer:  find / -name penguin 2> /dev/null
  2. What command will save a long directory listing of /etc in the file etc.filelist?
    Answer:  ls -l /etc > etc.filelist

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