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Frequently asked questions:

A.  What is included in floppix?

B.  What are the system requirements for floppix:

  1. At least a 486DX with a 3.5" floppy and 16Mb RAM.
  2. A network card is NOT required. The supported network cards are: 3c503, 3c509, 3c905, DEC21*4*, NE2000 (PCI), SMC Ultra, Via-Rhine.

C.  Are there instructions for making a mini-distribution?

The instructions for creating a floppy based version of Linux are available from the Bootdisk HOWTO at the Linux Documentation Project.

D.  Are there other mini-distributions?

There are many floppy based distributions of Linux and more appear each month; each distribution has different goals. Some of my favourites are:
  1. tomsrtbt The most Linux on one floppy; a single disk Linux that can work as a rescue disk.
  2. Linux Router Project a Linux router on one disk
  3. LOAF Linux on a floppy
  4. muLinux a single disk Linux with Internet applications and ppp support
  5. Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit

E.  Can you suggest other Online Linux/Unix courses?

  1. UNIXHelp: Information for users of the UNIX operating system, developed at the University of Edinburgh from work funded by the ITTI. UNIXhelp is mirrored around the world and freely available for local installation.
  2. Basic Linux Training: A free online course aimed at the DOS/Windows 95 user.
  3. USAIL - Unix System Administration Independent Learning: An excellent course from Indiana University.
  4. 85321 Systems Administration: an online system administration course from Central Queensland University.

F.  Can you recommend a linux textbook?

  1. Everything from the Linux documentation project.
    For the Floppix labs, which are setup for the beginner, I particularly recommend Linux Installation and Getting Started
  2. Learning the UNIX Operating System, 4th Edition
    By Jerry Peek, Grace Todino & John Strang
    ISBN: 1-56592-390-1, published by O'Reilly
    This book is about 100 pages and deceptively simple. It provides a quick and painless introduction to unix.
  3. Running Linux, 3rd Edition
    By Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer & Lar Kaufman
    ISBN: 1-56592-469-X, published by O'Reilly
    This book a classic. It is not recipe book but you will not find a better overall introduction to all aspects of Linux.
  4. A Practical Guide to Linux
    by: Mark Sobell
    ISBN: 0-201-89549-8, published by Addison-Wesley
    A very thorough comprehensive introduction to user-level Linux.
  5. LINUX® For Dummies® Quick Reference, 2nd Edition
    By Phil Hughes
    ISBN: 0-7645-0422-3, published by IDG
    Phil Hughes is the publisher of the Linux Journal and not a dummy. Make sure that you get the quick reference!
  6. A-Z of Linux, 1st edition
    Phil Cornes, Staffordshire University
    ISBN: 0-13-742867-7, published by Prentice Hall
    60% of this text covers programming under Linux but even if you are not a programmer, the first 40% has wonderful clear conceptual explanations.

Copyright © L. M. MacEwan
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